Pittsburgh's Black Legacy

Making Our Ancestors Proud

Changing the reputation of Pittsburgh in the Black Community

Pittsburgh's Black Legacy is a strategic effort to enrich the lives of African Americans in the city of Pittsburgh.  It involves educating others about the rich heritage of the African American people.  It includes the activism and actions in motion to eliminate all type of violence of the African American people.  It is a vehicle of celebration of community in Pittsburgh and surrounding communities in the state of Pennsylvania.  Pittsburgh's Black Legacy offers a clear view of the historical endurance of the ancestors' tenacity of strength required to escape to the North;  Pittsburgh's Black Legacy is the platform that shines a light on today's injustice and calls for solutions.  Finally, Pittsburgh's Black Legacy provides a beacon of inspiration as we celebrate each forward step towards a destiny of prosperity, freedom, justice and peace.


We are grateful for both past, present and future sponsorship of the Pittsburgh's Black Legacy activities.  For more information on becoming a sponsors, please contact us at 724-205-9376 or StopTheViolencePgh@yahoo.com

                     OUR LIVES ARE THE RESULT OF PAST                    ACTIONS TO ENSURE LEGACY

Join the Pittsburgh's Black Legacy movement by getting involved in one of our change vehicles.  You can be a sponsor of an event.  You may be a participant of our annual Juneteenth event.  You may volunteer time with one of our highlighted families.  Help us create a legacy that will strengthen the Pittsburgh African American community.   Be sure to provide us with your contact information so we can keep you inform you of our upcoming events.  


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